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    BOE Permits(0)
      BOE Permits Points(1)
      BOE Permits Lines(2)
      BOE Permits Polygons(3)
      Archived BOE Permits(4)
        Archived BOE Permits Points(5)
        Archived BOE Permits Lines(6)
        Archived BOE Permits Polygons(7)
    BOE Capital Improvement Projects(8)
      BOE Capital Improvement Projects Points(9)
      BOE Capital Improvement Projects Lines(10)
      BOE Capital Improvement Projects Polygons(11)
      Archived BOE Capital Improvement Projects(12)
        Archived BOE Capital Improvement Projects Points(13)
        Archived BOE Capital Improvement Projects Lines(14)
        Archived BOE Capital Improvement Projects Polygons(15)
      BOE CIP by Project Phase(16)
        BOE CIP by Project Phase Points(17)
        BOE CIP by Project Phase Lines(18)
        BOE CIP by Project Phase Polygons(19)
    Non-BOE Public Way Reservations(20)
      Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Points(21)
      Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Lines(22)
      Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Polygons(23)
      Archived Non-BOE Public Way Reservations(24)
        Archived Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Points(25)
        Archived Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Lines(26)
        Archived Non-BOE Public Way Reservations Polygons(27)
    Peak Hour Exemptions(28)
      Peak Hour Exemptions Points(29)
      Peak Hour Exemptions Lines(30)
      Peak Hour Exemptions Polygons(31)
    Public Way Reservation System (PWRS)(32)
      Public Way Reservation System Points(33)
      Public Way Reservation System Lines(34)
      Public Way Reservation System Polygons(35)
    Bureau of Street Lighting(36)
      Street Lights(37)
      Proposed Street Lighting Projects(38)
    Bureau of Street Services(39)
      One-Year Moratorium Streets(40)
      50/50 Sidewalk Program(41)
      Bus Stop Benches(42)
      City Furniture (43)
        City Furniture (Proposed)(44)
        City Furniture(45)
      Street Resurfacing Projects(46)
        Proposed Street Resurfacing Projects(47)
        Scheduled Proposed Street Resurfacing Projects(48)
        Proposed Slurry Seal Projects(49)
      Trees (Bureau of Street Services)(50)
    Census 2010(51)
      Census Blocks 2010 Population(52)
      Census Tracts 2010 Population(53)
    City Planning Department(54)
      Business Improvement Districts(55)
      Certificate of Compliance Cases(56)
      Community Design Overlay District(57)
      CPD Building Lines(58)
      Division of Land(59)
      Downtown Adaptive Reuse Incentive Areas(60)
      General Plan Land Use(61)
      Generalized Zoning(62)
      Historic-Cultural Monuments (63)
        Hollywood Walk of Fame(64)
        Historic-Cultural Monuments(65)
      Historic Preservation Overlay Zone District(66)
      Interim Control Ordinances(67)
      Miscellaneous Districts(68)
      Parcel Map Exemptions(69)
      Parcel Map Violations(70)
      Pedestrian Oriented Districts(71)
      Preliminary Parcel Maps(72)
      Private Street Cases(73)
      Signage Supplemental Use District(74)
      Specific Plan Areas(75)
      Streetscape Areas(76)
      Tentative Tracts(77)
    County of Los Angeles(78)
      LA County Flood Control District Right of Way Parcels(79)
      LA County Miscellaneous Records(80)
      LA County Parcel Maps(81)
      LA County Tract Maps(82)
      Fire Hydrants (DWP)(84)
      DWP Street Lighting Projects(85)
    Fire Department(86)
      Fire Stations(87)
      Fire Battalions(88)
      Fire Districts(89)
      Fire Districts by Battalion(90)
      Fire Districts by Division(91)
      Fire Divisions(92)
      Red Flag Restricted Areas(93)
    General Services Department(94)
      City Facilities(95)
      Alquist Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones(97)
      Geological Faults(98)
      Preliminary Fault Rupture Study Areas (City of Los Angeles)(99)
      Quaternary Faults (2017)(100)
      Oil Wells (Inside LA County)(103)
      Oil / Gas Fields (Inside LA County)(104)
    Housing Department(105)
      Affordable Housing Development(106)
      Census Tracts with Severely Overcrowded Households(107)
      HUD Empowerment Zones (EZ)(108)
      HUD Renewal Communities (RC)(109)
      Nuisance Properties (PPRT/CNAP)(110)
      Rent Stabilization Ordinance Service Areas(111)
      Residential Properties with NPP Loans(112)
      State Enterprise Zones(113)
    Hydrographic Information(114)
      Lakes (TBM)(115)
      LA River Stationing(116)
      LA River Centerline(117)
      LA River (Thomas Bros. Maps)(118)
      LA River Right of Way(119)
      Streams (TBM)(120)
        Watercourse (West L.A.)(122)
        Watercourse Buffer Zone (West L.A.)(123)
      Bikeways (Existing)(125)
      City Owned Parking Lots(126)
      Crossing Guards(127)
      DASH Routes(129)
        Community DASH(130)
          Community DASH Stops(131)
          Community DASH Routes(132)
        Commuter Express(133)
          Commuter Express Stops(134)
          Commuter Express Routes(135)
        Downtown DASH(136)
          Downtown DASH Stops(137)
          Downtown DASH Routes(138)
      High Injury Network(139)
      Parking Meter Sensors(140)
      Railroad Crossings(141)
      Regulatory Signs(142)
      Stop and Yield Signs(143)
      Traffic Data (144)
        Traffic Data (Automatic Counts, Manual Counts, Survey Data)(145)
        Traffic Counts(146)
      LAPD Stations(148)
    LAUSD Schools(149)
      Schools (LAUSD)(150)
      Schools (Thomas Bros. Maps)(151)
      School Campuses (LAUSD)(152)
      LAWA Coordination(154)
        Approved LIRs(155)
        Pending LIRs(156)
        LAWA Coordination Area(157)
    Mayor's Office(158)
        CityLinkLA Hub Locations(160)
        CityLinkLA Broadband Zones(161)
      Great Streets Initiative(162)
      LA's Best(163)
      Promise Zones(164)
    Metro Bus and Metro Rail(165)
      Metro Rail(166)
        Metro Rail Lines Stops(167)
        Metro Rail Lines(168)
      Metro Bus Lines(169)
      Metro Transit Projects(170)
        Metro Rail Lines Stops (Under Construction)(171)
        Metro Transit Projects Points(172)
        Metro Transit Projects Lines(173)
        Metro Transit Projects Polygons(174)
      TCTMC Streets of Significance (Construction Impacted Streets)(175)
    Office of Finance(176)
      Businesses (Active)(177)
    Recreation and Parks Department(178)
      Griffith Park / Los Angeles Zoo(179)
        Park Trails(180)
        Los Angeles Zoo(181)
        Griffith Park(182)
      Recreation and Parks Facilities(183)
      Recreation and Parks(184)
      Trees (Recreation and Parks Department)(185)
    Survey Information(186)
      Control Points with Field Book and Coordinates(187)
      Control Points with Field Book(188)
      DOI Control(189)
      EDMI Calibration Baseline(190)
      First Care Panel Medical Facilities(191)
      LA River Alignment (192)
        LA River Control(193)
        LA River Alignment(194)
      SCIGN Sites(195)
      Survey Benchmarks(196)
      Topo Index(197)
      Contour Lines (2006)(198)
        Minor Contour (4 ft) - Contour Lines (2006)(199)
        Major Contour (20 ft) - Contour Lines (2006)(200)
    Sewer Information(201)
      Sewer Structures(202)
      Sewer Wyes(203)
        Wye Connectors(204)
      Sewer Fees(206)
      Sewer Flow Direction(207)
      Sewer Laterals(208)
      Sewer Casings(209)
      Sewer Permit Image(210)
      Sewer Outfall Pipes by Size(211)
      Sewers Pipes (Primary)(212)
      Sewer Pipes(213)
      Sewer Pipes by Size(214)
      Sewer Easements(215)
      Secondary Sewer Planning Basins(216)
    Stormwater Information(217)
      Ballona Creek Watershed Preliminary Study(218)
        Ballona Creek Watershed Preliminary Study (S_BFE)(219)
        Ballona Creek Watershed Preliminary Study (S_FLD_HAZ_AR)(220)
      Open Pacific Coast Preliminary Study(221)
        Base Flood Elevation (S_BFE) (OPCPS)(222)
        Special Flood Hazard Areas (S_FLD_HAZ_AR) (OPCPS)(223)
      Potential SFHA of LA River Glendale Narrows(224)
      Updated FEMA DFIRM (12/2018)(225)
        Cross Section (S_XS) (12/2018)(226)
        Base Flood Elevation (S_BFE) (12/2018)(227)
        Flood Hazard (S_FLD_HAZ_LN) (12/2018)(228)
        Water Line (S_WTR_LN) (12/2018)(229)
        FIRM Panel (S_FIRM) (12/2018)(230)
        Letter of Map Revision (S_LOMR) (12/2018)(231)
        Special Flood Hazard Areas (S_FLD_HAZ_AR) (12/2018)(232)
        SFRA SO003-1005 (Mandeville Canyon Special Flood Risk Area) (12/2018)(233)
      FEMA DFIRM(234)
        Cross Section (S_XS)(235)
        Base Flood Elevation (S_BFE)(236)
        Flood Hazard (S_FLD_HAZ_LN)(237)
        Water Line (S_WTR_LN)(238)
        FIRM Panel (S_FIRM)(239)
        Letter of Map Revision (S_LOMR)(240)
        Special Flood Hazard Areas (S_FLD_HAZ_AR)(241)
        SFRA SO003-1005 (Mandeville Canyon Special Flood Risk Area)(242)
      Storm Drain Inlets(243)
      Storm Flow Direction(244)
      Storm Pipes(245)
      Low Flow Diversions(246)
      Flow Path(247)
      Drainage Subareas(248)
      Drainage Basins(249)
    Street Information(250)
      Bridges and Structures(251)
      Decorative Crosswalks(252)
      Haul Routes(253)
        Haul Routes Job Sites(254)
        Empty Truck Haul Routes(255)
        Loaded Truck Haul Routes(256)
        Archived Haul Routes(257)
          Archived Empty Truck Haul Routes(258)
          Archived Loaded Truck Haul Routes(259)
      Restricted Areas(262)
        Del Amo Superfund Site(263)
        Holiday Restrictions(264)
        LA Marathon(265)
        Night on Broadway(266)
        Special Olympics(267)
          Principal Locations for Special Olympics(268)
          Impacted Streets for Special Olympics(269)
      Overweight Container Corridor(271)
      Sidewalks (Mapped Areas)(272)
        Access Ramps(273)
        Alley Sidewalk(274)
        Parcels with Sidewalk Certificate of Compliance(279)
        Sidewalk Area Boundary(280)
      Truck Route - Height Limit(281)
      Truck Route - Weight Limit(282)
      Waze Alerts(283)
        Accident (Waze Alerts)(284)
        Construction (Waze Alerts)(285)
        Road Closure (Waze Alerts)(286)
        Road Hazard (Waze Alerts)(287)
        Traffic Jam (Waze Alerts)(288)
        Weather Hazard (Waze Alerts)(289)
        Freeways (BOE)(291)
        Freeways (TBM) (292)
        Freeways and Ramps (TBM)(293)
      Streets Group(294)
        Alleys (By Surface Type)(296)
        Previous Streets (By Type)(298)
        Streets (Centerline)(299)
        Streets (Arterial)(300)
        Streets (Paving Status)(301)
        Streets (Width)(302)
      TBM State Highways(303)
      TBM Streets(304)
      Withdrawn Streets(305)
    Special Areas(306)
      Energy Zones(307)
      Fire Brush Clearance Zone(308)
      Fire District No.1(309)
      Graffiti Zones(310)
      High Wind Area(311)
      Hillside Grading Area(312)
      Hillside Ordinance(313)
      Methane Zone / Buffer Zone(314)
      Significant Ecologic Areas(315)
        Significant Ecologic Areas (City)(316)
        Significant Ecologic Areas (County)(317)
      Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones(318)
    Maps and Indices(319)
      Aerial OrthoPhoto / Contour Map Index(320)
      LA County Assessor Map Book(321)
      Cadastral Map Index(322)
      Digital Sewer Wye Map Index(323)
      Drainage Map Index(324)
      Engineering Vault Plans and Profiles(325)
        Plans and Profiles(326)
        Sewer Index(327)
      Fire Map Index(328)
      Highest Groundwater Contours and Borehole Index(329)
      LARIAC Imagery Date Flown(330)
      LARIAC Index(331)
      Original Sewer Wye Map Image Index(332)
      S-map Index(333)
      Substructure Map Index(334)
      TBM Page and Grid (Thomas Bros. Maps)(335)
      Topo Indexes(336)
        Baldwin Hills - Westchester - Playa Del Rey (Topo)(337)
        Central (Topo)(338)
        Chatsworth (Topo)(339)
        Los Angeles Freeway Downtown Loop (Topo)(340)
        Northeast Los Angeles (Topo)(341)
        Santa Monica Mountains (Topo)(342)
        San Pedro (Topo)(343)
        Sunland (Topo)(344)
        Sylmar (Topo)(345)
      Parcel Legal Mask(347)
      Easement/Historical Mask(348)
      Building Footprints (LARIAC5)(349)
      City Boundary Outline(350)
      Right-of-way Sidelines(352)
      Landbase Lines / Parcel Outline(353)
      Parcels (Outline)(354)
      Parcels (APN) (Outline)(356)
      Parcels (LA County APN)(357)
      Adjacent Cities(360)
      Assembly Districts(361)
      Annexations (City of Los Angeles)(362)
      Board of Supervisors(363)
      Bureau of Engineering Districts(364)
      Bureau of Street Services Boundaries(365)
        BSS Maintenance Districts(366)
        BSS Tree Maintenance Districts(367)
      Cable TV Franchise Areas(368)
      Central City Parking District(369)
      City Boundary(370)
      City Boundary with background(371)
      Community Development Block Grant(372)
      Community Plan Areas(373)
      Congressional Districts(374)
      Contract Administration Districts(375)
      Contract Administration Inspection Districts(376)
      Council Districts(377)
      Previous Council Districts (Adopted 2003)(378)
      County Boundary(379)
      CRA Project Boundary(380)
      Downtown Parking District(381)
      LADOT Boundaries(382)
        LADOT Engineering Districts(383)
        LADOT Parking Enforcement Districts(384)
        LADOT Parking Meter Zones(385)
        LADOT Red Curb(386)
      LAPD Boundaries(387)
        LAPD Bureaus(388)
        LAPD Divisions(389)
        LAPD Reporting Districts(390)
      LAUSD Boundaries(391)
        LAUSD Attendance Boundary (Elementary Schools)(392)
        LAUSD Attendance Boundary (Middle Schools)(393)
        LAUSD Attendance Boundary (High Schools)(394)
        LAUSD Board of Education Districts(395)
        LAUSD Local Districts(396)
      Neighborhood Block Grant(397)
      Neighborhood Councils (Certified)(398)
      Neighborhood Service Areas(399)
      Sanitation Maintenance Districts(400)
      Santa Monica Mountains Open Space Preservation Assessment Districts(401)
      SCMP Priority Infiltration Areas(402)
      Solids Collection Service District Days(403)
      State Senate Districts(404)
      Wastewater Collection Districts(405)
      Zip Codes (LA County)(407)
      Zip Codes (Thomas Bros. Maps)(408)
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